Protection Services Staff


Fire and Emergency Services

This Department has two branches that fall under it; Fire Department and By-law Enforcement.

Fire Department

(705) 538-2337 / 1-800-567-0187
Fax - (705) 538-1850

Tony VanDam - Director of Protection Services / Fire Chief

Chad Dowell - Deputy Fire Chief 

Corinna Guest - Senior Municipal By-law Officer
x. 251

Shelly Woll - Protection Services Administration Assistant
x. 249

The Township of Georgian Bay Fire Department is a volunteer department providing fire suppression, fire prevention and emergency response services for the municipality. This branch also provides emergency planning, education and training to maintain compliance under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Programs / Services provided by this branch:

  • Structural and vehicle fire suppression
  • Awareness level hazardous materials responses
  • Assistance to EMS, Police and MNRF.
  • Brush and wild fire fighting
  • Fire inspections
  • Public Education
  • Marine fire and rescue
  • Ice water / water rescue
  • Emergency Management (a plan in place in case of emergency)
  • Maintain compliance under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act

By-law Enforcement

The By-law Enforcement branch administers and enforces by-laws governing things such as parking, animal control, refreshment vehicles, clean yards, property standards, burning, noise, and many other.  The By-law branch also has a contract with the OSPCA, Midland and District of Muskoka for animal sheltering services.

They also issue and process parking tickets and collects the voluntary payment of the fines.  Any outstanding parking tickets are eventually filed with the Provincial Offences office.  They receive, review and issue business licenses for refreshment vehicles and transient traders.

Programs / Services provided by this branch:

  • Inspection and enforcement of by-laws and permits
  • Co-ordinate the day-to-day operation of the department
  • Ensures appropriate and timely enforcement of all by-laws and Provincial legislation enforced by the Township’s Office
  • Reports to council with drafted by-laws, amendments to by-laws, reports, updates and any other special request for business / sign applications
  • Performs the duties of Municipal Law Enforcement Officer by conducting patrols and inspections, carrying out investigations, collecting evidence, identifying violations, issuing notices and tickets, relaying information
  • Routine patrols of water bodies to educate campers of responsible camping / regulate campsite use
  • Conduct routine transfer station inspections of all District operational dump/waste stations
  • Conduct routine patrols of District road bridge to enforce prohibited use of the bridge
  • Active enforcement of Dog control by-law, includes catching stray dogs, dealing with complaints (dogs barking, off leash, failing to clean excrement) and enforcing dog owners to have current tags each year
  • Maintain positive working liaison with Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Enforce parking control by-law in conjunction with the Districts parking by-law throughout the entire Township during all seasons of the year
  • Reviews applications for business /animal licenses / signs / trailer parks
  • Receives, investigates and resolves complaints or initiates legal action
  • Attends and gives evidence in court as required

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Organizational Chart:

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