Building Department FAQ’s


Why is a building permit required?


The Ontario Building Code and the Building Code Act are Provincial Regulations that are enforced by the Municipality.  Building permits allow the municipality to protect individuals and the community by reviewing plans and ensuring that projects meet with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and the Building Code Act, as well the Municipal Zoning By-law 91-19 and all other applicable law.

Can my contractor or designer apply for the Building Permit on my behalf?

The owner or an agent acting on behalf of the owner may apply for the permit.  The agent must have written permission from the owner to obtain any permits.  You can find the building permit application HERE if your project requires a septic review and HERE if it does not.

Can I do my own drawings?

A homeowner has a right under the building code to create their own drawings.  If the drawings are not up to standard you will be asked to provide the required information (which will hold up the processing of the application) or be asked to have the plans drawn up by a qualified designer.

How long is my permit good for?

A permit issued under the Act may be revoked if, in the opinion of the Chief Building Official or his designate, the project has not seriously commenced after a period of six months.  Or, in the opinion of the Chief Building Official or his designate, the construction or demolition of the building has been substantially suspended or discontinued for a period of more than one year.

Do I need a permit for doing electrical work?

A permit is required for undertaking any electrical work; however this permit is not obtained through the municipality.  Please contact the Electrical Safety Authority for any information with regards to obtaining the permit to do electrical work (877-372-7233 or www.esasafe.com).

Do I need a permit to demolish a building?

Yes a demolition permit is required for any detached structure than is 10 square metres (107 square feet) or larger.  If you wish to demolish a portion of a structure that is larger than that size, it does not matter the size to be demolished, a permit will be required.

Do I need a Permit if I wish to install in a new bathroom into an existing structure?

Yes a permit is required under the Act for any plumbing that is to be installed inside our outside of a structure.

What is the cost of a building permit?

The cost of the building permit is dependent upon the type and size of the project.  The fees associated with all building permits are listed in the fee schedule which is attached to the Building By-law (click here). 

How long does the building permit approval process take?

Time periods are regulated by the building code with regards to obtaining a building permit.  The time period will commence once a complete application has been submitted and they are as follows:

Period Within Which Permit Shall be Issued or Refused
Forming Part of Article


Row Number Class of Building Time Period
(a) A detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, or row house where no dwelling unit
is located above another dwelling unit.
(b) A detached structure that serves a building described in Clause (a) and does not exceed
50 m2 in building area.
(c) A tent to which Section 3.14. of Division B applies.
(d) A sign to which Section 3.15. of Division B applies.
10 days
(a) Buildings described in Clauses, (b) or (c) of Division A, other than buildings
described in Column 2 of any of Rows 1 and 4 of this Table.
(b) Farm buildings that do not exceed 600 m2 in building area.
15 days
(a) Buildings described in Clauses or (b) of Division A, other than buildings
described in Column 2 of any of Rows 1 and 4 of this Table.
(b) Farm buildings exceeding 600 m2 in building area.
20 days
(a) Post-disaster buildings.
(b) Buildings to which Subsection 3.2.6. of Division B or any provision in Articles to of Division B applies.
30 days


Who obtains the approvals from other agencies?


It is the responsibility of the applicant/property owner to obtain the approvals from other agencies in order to meet all applicable law.

What inspections are required?

It depends on the type and extent of the project to know what the required inspections are.  Please click here to see a list of required inspections. 

What if someone is constructing without a building permit?

A building permit card should be posted near the construction site to show that a permit has been issued.  If you think that someone is constructing without a building permit, please notify the building department as soon as possible (building@gbtownship.ca or (800) 567-0187), preferably while the construction is taking place.

What can result from not obtaining a building permit?

It is an offense to construct or alter a structure without obtaining a building permit.  You will be subject to the building permit fee as well as an administration fee for starting the construction prior to obtaining a building permit.  You could also be charged under the Provincial Offenses Act. 


What do I do if I decide to change my plans before or after I get my Building Permit?


No person shall make a change to a plan, specification document or other information on which the permit was issued without first notifying and filing the details and obtaining authorization of the Chief Building Official or his designate.  There are fees associated with a revision made to the plans; please see our fees and charges schedule (click here).

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